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Date:September 5th, 2017    Written by:Rick    

When we operate LED display(especially the LED display is for event), we would use video processor. Why do we have to use video processor? And what are the common brands of video processors from China? Here we will talk about these.


Why do we need video processor? The reasons as below:

1)Video processor allows the screen to have more inputs like HDMI, SDI, DP, etc. Normally the LED display controllers only support DVI. So if you need more inputs, you need the video processor.

2)Video processor helps to scale the resolution. Video processor could customize the output resolution. For example, if you want to show the full desktop on the LED screen, you could use the video processor to scale it.  


3) When the resolution of a LED screen is too big and the screen needs more than one controller to drive it, the screen will not be able to show a full image ( the LED display products like P2.6 which has very high resolution. If the screen dimension is more than 20 square meters, the screen will need 2pcs LED controllers). High-end video processor could drive more than one LED controller and make the screen appear one full image.

P2.6 LED display

4)Video processor has other functions, such as fade in, fade out, picture in picture, etc.


What are the common good brands of video processors from China? There are four common brands of video processors in China. They are RGBlink, Videowall, Magnimage and Novastar.

1)RGBlink: They have very good after service. Their common items like VSP 628PRO, VENUS X series are very popular in the market. The quality is stable.

2)Videowall: It is one of the old brand in China. One of their item called LVP605S is really hot in the market because of its stable performance. They also have 4K video processor product called LVP609.

3)Magnimage: Their machine is very user friendly. Meanwhile, their products are stable. So many users like this brand.

4)Novastar: It is a  famous LED controller brand. Their video processor has LED controller function, so it is more convenient.


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